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On October 20, 2011 St. Aidan's registered the deed to the 10 acres of lakefront natural habitat that was a gift from Elisabeth Rees. This event followed almost 2 years of work to plan and get approval to receive this land and use it for an outdoors Spirituality and Nature Education Center. In 2012, St. Aidan's will begin its first full summer season of services and programs on this property. Thanks be to God for the gift, the giver, and the endurance of committed nature lovers. May the blessing continue.

St. Aidan's Conservation efforts will join the Legacy Land Conservancy, which has a Conservation Easement on the Land, in the nurture of the several fragile eco-systems on the property

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News of the Land

Summer Worship Scheduled for the Lakeside: Each Sunday Evening from Memorial Day through Labor Day, there will be an Evening Prayer service at 7:00pm at the Lakeside.

The Story of the Lakefront Property. On October 20th, 2011 at 3:58 pm, St. Aidan’s rector, Susan McGarry, and vestry member, James Barber, recorded a quitclaim deed signed over from the Elizabeth Rees Trust to St.Aidan’s Episcopal Church. The deed gave ownership of 10.14 acres of lake front property in Washtenaw County (Bridgewater Township) to St Aidan’s Episcopal Church. With a small amount of driveway and parking space renovation, the purchase of a port-ajohn, the removal of several trees at the entrance for safety and the removal of two unsafe derelict structures, the land will become useful for day use prayer and nature spirituality retreats as well as environmental education. more


St. Aidan's Facebook page has two helpful slideshows about the Lakefront Land.

Lakeside Land in Pictures

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