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St. Aidan's Episcopal and Northside Presbyterian Churches occupy five acres of forested land located in an otherwise congested urban environment adjacent to the University of Michigan North Campus. In 2009 a youth class analyzed the natural features of the forest and applied for a National Wildlife Habitat Registration. On May 3, 2009, the Two Congregations Formally Dedicated the Natural Habitat in a public Ceremony. Annual Celebrations continue to memorialize the eco-restoration work that is an ongoing ministry at St. Aidan's and Northside Presbyterian Churches.

At St. Aidan's and Northside Presbyterian one really does worship in the woods as we face the natural habitat through pane glass windows (sometimes the deer interrupt the service). The God of Creation is never far from mind. And we have found through the years that many of our members receive much of their spiritual nourishment from nature and are especially attracted to this setting. Preservation and sharing of this precious gift with the community is very important to us.

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Habitat News

April. 29, 2012: 4th Annual Natural Habitat Celebration Welcome to the 4th Annual Celebration

Upcoming Rogation Day Outdoors Worship Service on May 13. Come Bless the Gardens, the Forest, and Pray for the Restoration and Protection of the Earth 11:00am

Join the Stewardship Network Garlic Mustard Challenge Here!!! Take a plastic bag from the container at the trail head (Broadway end) and pull Garlic Mustard to you hearts delight. Please leave the full bags as a contribution to the Huron Arbor Cluster's Tally. Stewardship Network Garlic Mustard Blog

Jan. 20-21, 2012: Poster Presentation at the Stewardship Network Council's 3rd Annual Conference on Eco-System Restoration Ecosystem Restoration and Sociological Challenges: A Case Study of Two Churches and Their Challenges

St Aidan's Episcopal and Northside Presbyterian Churches officially dedicate their joint property as a Certified Nature Habitat on May 3, 2009


Vision: A Result of Praxis, a Case Study Involving the Environment, by Susan McGarry

Analysis of Land and its History by Burton V. Barnes

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The Theology of Eco-justice

The prefix, Eco, is derived from the Greek word, oikos, which means household, house, or a family. And, whereas the term's root meaning is the same as for Economy and Ecology, its connotation within an eco-justice ministry is "action to wholeness for God's household," that is, all of creation. Therefore, Ecotheology and its action corollary, Eco-justice Ministry, speak to the interrelatedness of all beings, as it advocates for world peace, social justice for all creatures, and environmental more